Tom Schwartz & Sandoval get terrible tattoos in Vegas, Kristen issues a terrible apology to Ariana and Tom’s mom comes to visit

Tonight on Vanderpump Rules we learned that Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval did not escape from Las Vegas without getting in to a little trouble. Yes both got drunk and got terrible tattoos on their right butt cheeks for their respective girlfriends.

Sandoval is obviously lamenting his impulsive decision since his tattoo, an “A” for Ariana looks like “bacon”. Schwartz tattoo is less hideous, but still a bad decision. His tat says “Bubby” which is the nickname he and girlfriend/now fiancee Katie Maloney call one another.

Boss Lisa Vanderpump, 55 takes them to the alley for the big reveal.

‘I’m getting anxiety about it,’ Tom Sandoval says.

‘Ariana hates everything, she’s gonna hate that,’ said Jax.

Well Jax was right.

When Ariana saw it she said,

‘that’s so gross. Why would you ruin your a** like that?’ …..tom_sandoval_tattoo

‘It looks like bacon,’ she told him.

No one is that impressed by their decisions especially them.

Later in the episode Kristen Doute visits Ariana Madix while she is tending bar and attempts to apologize for her behavior towards Ariana. Kristen had made some not-so-nice comments about Ariana while she and Tom were breaking up…saying things like she wished that Ariana would be run over by a truck.

Remember on the season premiere of season 4 Ariana questioned her friendship with Scheana Shay after Scheana was friendly with Kristen saying….

“Kristen wanted to me die, and it absolutely shouldn’t be okay with my best friend, Scheana. I have a really amazing life, and I don’t have time in my life for f**kin bullshit. And if I stand alone in that I stand alone.”ariana_madix

Needless-to-say Ariana is not even remotely receptive to the apology and tells Kristen she is “not that smart”. The rest of the cast is sort of shifting sides and feeling like Ariana holding this grudge is getting old and counterproductive. It’s hard to choose a side here. I do think Ariana can seriously hold a grudge (she is an Enneagram one after all), but I also think Kristen Doute is pretty awful and I’m not so sure she deserves forgiveness.

Really I think Kristen is angling to be accepted by the cast because she knows she is being pushed out like Stassi.

Katie Maloney tattoos

Anyhoo, in the meantime Tom Sandoval’s mom Terri Green is in town and she is a fire fighter!.

‘My mom has always been a real badass,’ Tom said.

‘This is where I get my tough side from,’ he tells Lisa.

Lisa pokes fun at Tom saying, ‘It’s interesting to me that this woman, who’s heroic really, gave birth to this young man who shaves his forehead and plucks his eyebrows.’

His mom is divorced from Tom’s dad (BTW looks like Tom’s dad just suffered a heart attack in September). She was a fire fighter in St. Louis for 28 years so she is a serious badass.

Interestingly she tells Ariana that she is so glad that her and Tom found each other and claims she was not that fond of Tom’s ex Kristen.

Source: Bravo
Source: Bravo

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