Situation: ‘The Bachelor’s’ Jenna Burke (aka The Over-Analyst)

The biggest situation of all on last night’s premiere of The Bachelor was definitely the 27-year-old blogger from NYC, Jenna Burke (known in some parts as simply the girl that said, “Maybe we can share a tampon sometime” to her Night One nemesis Monica Spannbauer). That’s going to be a tough quote to live down. … Read more

Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s ladies: Jenna Burke [Bio, Photos, Twitter]

The Basics: Name: Jenna Burke Age: 27 Occupation: Blogger Hometown: Loveland, OH Jenna Burke on Twitter: @TheOverAnalyst This is the bachelorette that looks to be the “bat shit crazy” member of the mansion this season, based on the previews. You gotta love an unstable contestant. Especially when the whole setup of the show has to … Read more