Did Kristen Doute get fired from SUR?

Ok, so obviously Kristen Doute is not that popular with her co-workers at SUR. Jax just revealed that the two had slept together–needless-to-say Stassi lost her s##t on Kristen.

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So it is looking more and more like Lisa Vanderpump is done with Kristen Doute and has fired her from SUR after working there for 7 years.

In a video interview with OK! magazine from Dec. 2, Jax Taylor suggested that Kristen may have been given the boot.

“As far as Kristen and Tom, I don’t think it’s going too well. Obviously with what you saw with Kristen, she’s not very well-liked. So you’re gonna have to see if she even has her job anymore,” he claimed.

HOWEVER, if she was fired it does not appear that she is still fired because a new photo re-tweeted by Kristen, shows Kristen posing with a fan wearing her SUR uniform.

I love that these characters actually DO work at the restaurant even in the off season.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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