Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s 25 amazing ladies revealed

Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s 25 amazing ladies revealed

ABC just announced who season 16 bachelor Ben Flajnik will meet on Night One of The Bachelor, which premieres Monday, January 2nd, 2012. Below you will find pics of all 25 of Ben’s amazing ladies, who will be wearing amazing lady dresses and dropping their out-of-limo landing gear on the pre-wetted driveway in front of the Bachelor Mansion….all to meet and (hopefully) fall in love with Ben.

Some of the amazing ladies are definitely amazing, but some are situations! Once the season starts, and we’re able to learn more about their personalities, more situations are sure to arise, but for starters: there are two “Lindsays,” but neither of them use the traditional spelling; some ladies go with the one-hand-on-hip pose, others with the two-hand-on-hip pose, none go for our preferred no-hands-on-hips pose; a couple of amazing ladies have opted to tuck-and-fluff their blouses (which, IMHO, is worse than the taut tuck); lots of shiny, shiny, shiny, shiny lips. What do you think?

Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s contestants

Amber Bacon

Amber T.

Anna Snowball

Blakeley Shea


Casey Shteamer

Courtney Robertson


Elyse Myers

Emily O’Brien

Erika Uhlig


Jaclyn Swartz

Jamie Otis

Jenna Burke


Kacie Boguskie

Lindzi Cox

Lyndsie J

Nicki Sterling

Monica Spannbauer

Rachel Truehart

Samantha Levey

Shawn Reynolds


Courtney Robertson can’t keep her clothes on

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