‘The Bachelor Season 16’ episode 3: “A very uncomfortable situation”

As we discussed in ‘The Bachelor Season 16’ episode 3: Your faves weigh in, the theme of episode 3 was summed up in the quote “This is a very uncomfortable situation.” Now we covered many of the uncomfortable situations in that post, but there were so many uncomfortable situations a follow-up post was in order.

Uncomfortable Situation 1

OK, so to start, how about the giant pink elephant in the room at The Fairmont in San Francisco….?? Yes, I’m talking about the giant hickey on Nicki Sterling’s neck that was revealed in the telescope scene! Is someone going to address this?! I mean she hasn’t even had a one-on-one yet. When did she have time to get a hickey!?

Uncomfortable Situation 2

Speaking of uncomfortable make-outs, how about Ben taking Courtney to the roof for a secret make-out session? What was so uncomfortable about this situation was the way Courtney constantly pushed him away!!!

She never gives him any more than a closed lip kiss, then pushes him away. I still believe she is pining for an ex and is doing the show to make him jealous. But I also think Courtney does display some signs of a personality disorder as well — Borderline Personality Disorder to be exact, which I will go into later — in another post.

So in that light, I do think Courtney may end up developing “feelings” for Ben on the show, but in the way that all people with Borderline Personality Disorder do.

Ahh! So much to discuss!

Uncomfortable Situation 3

We need to cover the Shawntel Newton walk-on situation in a bit more detail because it was a Bachelor first and the pinnacle of discomfort. Clearly, the ladies were miffed that they had to jump through so many hoops just to get on the show and Shawntel just marched right in (apparently in two different pairs of pumps BTW….look at the ads of her walking in and compare it to the actual shot of her walking in).

Shawntel certainly displayed some serious audacity walking right through the scene of ladies in the Fairmont and into the middle of a one-on-one sit-down with Elyse.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the irritated ladies gathered a few feet away in the open doorway to eaves drop on the scene. So Shawntel had to deliver her pitch in front of an incensed, resentful and seriously catty crowd.

It was uncomfortable watching Elyse reluctantly cede her time. It was uncomfortable seeing Ben’s mouth drop and seeing him just sit in silence as Shawntel suggested they had developed a deep connection (Shawntel, don’t you think if it was that deep Ben would have contacted you prior to deciding to date 25 brand new ladies?)

It certainly left us wondering if Shawntel was a bit delusional about the connection they had. And even after he rejected her, she didn’t appear to really believe he wasn’t that in to her! She stood in front of him next to the hotel room door… not leaving. Timid and polite Ben stood there a couple of awkward beats until she figured out he wasn’t going to change his mind.

Uncomfortable Situation 4

All of this was going down while another uncomfortable situation was in progress — Erika dropping to the floor mid-rose ceremony. She was clearly trying hard to keep it together, but couldn’t make it until the last rose was (not) delivered.

We loved the producer busting in and producing all the other ladies off to the side. Then Erika pulled it together just long enough to hear she was getting dumped. It can’t feel good to be rejected when there is still a rose left. I mean not even a sympathy rose! Ben then leaves Erika downstairs to get a cab by herself ….also uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable Situation 5

There is also the scene of Jaclyn Schwartz crying during the rose ceremony. It was as though there was not a single other lady in the line-up. The producers honed in on Jaclyn the whole time. I can’t blame them. It was sort of an amazing face she was making. Then she storms off to the bathroom balling.

I’m just not sure when Jaclyn and Ben had all that much time to bond that a break-up would be that painful. But really, how can I complain. This show never ceases to produce the most amazing situations of all time!!

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