Blakeley Shea: Interview talks finding love

Here is an amazing interview with Blakeley Shea from 7 months ago right after the Bachelor pre Bachelor Pad where she talks about looking for love, modeling and the infamous lesbian scandal protrayed between her and Monica on the Bachelor. Blakeley has without a doubt been one of the most amazing situations to emerge from Bachelor Nation.

“Love was something I kept looking to receive. Now I view it as not only do I give love as much as I want it back, but it’s in a different light. You have to be able to live with someone and all their faults and that’s when you know you really love someone.”

Well we know Tony and Blakeley did live together for 9 weeks prior to getting engaged so hopefully that bodes well for the new couple.

The interview was apparently done in a beauty salon–also…..amazing!

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