Blakeley and Tony get engaged in “the most shocking” finale ever!

We pride ourselves on being spoiler free, but we decided since this “spoiler” doesn’t say who wins and since the preview shows Blakeley shocked and speechless on the finale — this isn’t really a “spoiler”– it’s obvious people….these two are getting engaged!!!

Blakeley and Tony dating after taping the Bachelor Pad

The finale was taped this past Sunday (August 26, 2012) so Reality Steve has had two weeks to get his NSA wiretap sources to fill him in:

Apparently the “shocking” proposal came when Blakeley was sitting on the hot-seat with Chris Harrison (we love a Chris Harrison hot-seat situation!).  We know the two have been spotted post-production multiple times and that she is moving to Beaverton, Oregon to be with Tony and his son!

We are thrilled, since Blakeley is one of our all-time favorite “situations”. If you haven’t read Penny Farthing’s post on Blakeley Shea’s style situation you must!

I also love Penny Farthing’s breakdown of the relationship in her “micro-recap”: “During the Blakeley-Tony limo exit, it was painfully obvious that Tony is WAY MORE into Blakeley than Blakeley is into Tony. He kinda gushed and poured his heart out and she returned his emotional outpouring with something like: “yeah, there were several unexpected things that happened on the show and you’re one of them.””

It remains to be seen if Tony Pieper made a trip to Neil Lane or if Bachelor Pad paid for the ring.

But we do know she is shocked and very happy!


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