Chris Harrison talks about Ryan Lochte as next Bachelor

Ryan Lochte

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We loved the rumor that Ryan Lochte could become the next Bachelor and Lochte has stated in several public interviews that he would be interested in leading the show. Can you imagine that season? We have seen the “amazing ladies” go absolutely nut-bags over insurance salesmen, a Southwest pilot, a bar owner and of course Ben Flajnik the amateur wine-maker, so can you imagine how nuts they would go for Olympic athlete Ryan Lochte?!!


That season would no doubt bring the most amazing situations and meltdowns of all time. Ryan is certainly hot enough and successful enough to be the primo ABC catch, but I guess if we are honest the guy is probably not quite ready to settle down. (afterall his Mom even made a comment about all of his one-night stands). So what does Chris Harrison have to say about the situation:


Chris answered the big question about Lochte on Thursday on a press teleconference:
Chris Harrison:


Yes, oh, yes.  Like when crazy rumors like that get started or whatever, like we’ll always go, when we ran into each other like, “Well, what do you think?  What do you think?” “Well, he’s pretty,” you know — but in the end, what we have to look at is we can’t just go on public emotion or popularity or whatever.


In the end, what we have to do is kind of stick to what’s made this franchise great.  And in the end, you need a guy who is — or a girl, when it’s The Bachelorette — who’s extremely sincere, open, honest, and really wants this to work.  And I don’t know how far it got with him.  I don’t even know if there was a meeting.


And I know somebody reported that he was asking for three quarters of a million dollars [to do the show] or something like that.  I sincerely doubt — I haven’t asked, but I sincerely doubt it ever got that far to where he would even able to demand any money.  I don’t think it ever got that serious.


But there’s always a ton of people in the mix, and I know that the decision’s close but yes, we still have a pretty large group that’s up to this gig.  It might be Michael Strahan. He’s not doing anything, is he?”


But it’s not all bad. For those of you who can’t get enough of Lochte. He has scored cameo appearances in 30 Rock and 90210, and is campaigning for a guest appearance on Gossip Girl.


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