Jef Holm contacts ex-girlfriend in wake of sexting scandal

Fresh in the wake of the Emily Maynard sexting scandal we have a new rumor that Jef Holm contacted his ex-girlfriend and met up with her in person.

According to Radar Online, in the midst of the sexting hysteria that went down last month on a family vacation, Jef contacted his ex-girlfriend and now the two are meeting in person.

Radar Online reports: “Jef has been calling and texting his ex-girlfriend for months and she ignored him for a while but just last night they met up.”

Of course meeting up with an ex doesn’t necessarily mean cheating, but I can’t imagine Emily is Ok with any ex-gf meet-ups — Did you see her on the Bachelor confront Brad about taking another woman to the Fantasy Suite?

According to Radar Online’s source, Jef and his ex met at Burger King on Sunday — amazing! (There is no better place to conduct a potential illicit affair than at a Burger King). Of course, Team JEM denies the rumors, so we will reserve judgement until Team JEM or a Holm family member contacts the tabloids to confirm (or deny).

But, we do feel it is our responsibility to at least inform you of this potential situation!

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