Jef Holm ex girlfriends: He had 3 when he went on The Bachelorette

Good God! We know Jef Holm is a Dreamboat, but sounds like he is quite a Casanova too!
US Weekly is now reporting Jef crushed 3 girls when he left to tape The Bachelorette!

Ex-girlfriends keep coming out of the woodwork to discuss their “relationship” with Jef Holm just prior to the taping.

Kaylee Shepard claimed in an email to Reality Steve in May “I was informed earlier this week that Jef was also seeing one of his employees and another woman (and who honestly knows how many more, we only lived in the same area for part of our relationship so he had every opportunity to see as many girls as he wanted). So I too have been forced to question how serious our relationship ever was. Who knows, maybe one of those other girls are already telling their story to some other tabloid.”

And the plot thickens! And this plot is getting pretty thick. We have single mom Emily Maynard allegedly sexting Oakland Raiders Quarterback Matt Leinart. We have Jef Holm reportedly meeting with his ex Kaylee Shepard in a hotel and claiming the engagement was a lie and just for the media. An now we have two other young ladies claiming Jef was dating them prior to going on the show!

Well we aren’t gonna pass judgement. Obviously, he was a 27-year-old single man with a lot of charisma, great hair and a lot of game — what do you expect?

The Jef Holm lady pool keeps getting bigger and deeper! We will stay tuned for more lady shoes to drop!!

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1 thought on “Jef Holm ex girlfriends: He had 3 when he went on The Bachelorette”

  1. This just proves the point that the VERY young Kaylee thought there was much more to the relationship with Jef than he did. If they had been so serious she would have had at least ONE picture of them as a couple for US magazine to post with the article. So Jef was dating several women. What is the problem with that? Is there a rule that you can only date 1 woman at a time? Get over it tabloids. Jef probably went on the show because although he had been dating several women, he hadn’t found “The One.” He may have also figured that by being on the show it would get the word out about People Water, he would get to travel and in general he would have some fun. He may not have expected to really end up with the bachelorette but, maybe just maybe, he actually fell for Emily. Only time will tell how hard he really fell.


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