Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock: The Introductions

Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock: The Introductions

dez-ep-1The first landing gear to land on the freshly hosed driveway was Drew Kenney’s.

Drew Kenney is the 28-year-old professional model from Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona although interestingly ABC is calling him some kind of Visual Marketing Specialist. I guess they don’t want you to think this is just another casting call.

Next was Brooks Forester, the 28-year-old tall Sales Representative at Fit Marketing from Boise, ID/Salt Lake City, Utah. He, like a lot of the guys had a serious set of veneers and what looked like fangs.

Some dude named Brad follows with a wishbone.

Michael the 33-year-old federal prosecutor jumps in the fountain to find Desiree’s penny from Sean’s season. This was another awkward situation as Michael could not find a penny and had to improvise with a penny from his pocket.

Will, loves Bikram yoga and high-fives. He tells Des he is naming her Athena.

Mikey looks really happy and like he works out a lot. He will probably just be doing push-ups and drinking protein shakes.

Jonathan emerges with a fantasy suite card. Situation of the night.

James Case proclaims “Loyalty is love”.

Dr. Larry does a very uncomfortable dance move with Dez. He perseverates on this failure all night.

Nick R. comes with a magic trick.

Zack steps out in a bow tie and tennis shoes.


Diogo clanks out in a knight’s armor.

Chris Siegfried gets down on one knee.

Mike the would be Dentist emerges in a white coat claiming to be Des’s McDreamy.

Robert rips off his tie.

Juan Pablo tries to get Des to pronounce his name correctly which is amazing because how hard is it to say Juan Pablo.

Brandon drives up on a motorcycle.

Brian — eh (he is the one with a girlfriend remember)

DesBenMicah comes in a suit he designed himself.

Nick reads Des a poem.

Dan — I can’t remember

Ben Scott’s son Brody emerges from the limo first holding a yellow daisy.




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