Who is Angela Zatopek on Ready for Love?

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UPDATED: October 19th, 2015

Name: Angela Zatopek
Age: 26
Occupation: International Reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network — Designer of Eleváre
Education: University of Texas-Austin
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Religion: Christian

We have been watching Angela Zatopek on Ready for Love the last few weeks compete for Ben Patton, 31. She has been a fav of fans, the match-makers and most importantly Ben!

Featured Photo Credit: Angela Zatopek

So who is Angela Zatopek on Ready for Love?

This girl has quite an impressive resume and pedigree!

This 24-year-old Houston native is a devout Christian, a fitness fanatic, a model, a beauty queen, an entrepreneur and a self-proclaimed virgin. Angela graduated at the top of her class from the University of Texas-Austin with degrees in Journalism and Corporate Communications! Angela Zatopek is a reporter whose credits include Fox Sports and CBS College Sports.

Now she is an International Reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network.

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Why did Ben Patton and Angela Zatopek break up?

Angela is also the daughter of the reigning Mrs. United America 2012 (Good god! Pageant winners abound on this show) and the oldest of four siblings: a younger sister and identical twin brothers (who were on the hometown date but cut from the show). And the pedigree doesn’t stop there. She hails from athletic royalty. Her dad is a former professional baseball player. And she is also related to four-time gold medal winning Olympic legend, Emil Zatopek, who set world records in long distance running at the 1948 (London) and 1952 (Helsinki) Games according to Angela’s bio on her website. (This is getting ridiculous).

In fact Angela was also approached be the lead on CBS new version of The Bachelor called “Three”. She would  choose from a pool of men to find love. But after a lot of consideration she decided to meet Ben instead.

As we have seen on the show Angela is incredibly athletic. She even appeared to be a bit of a tomboy at first glance. We were wondering if Ben would be Ok with a girl that could beat him up in the boxing ring.

One thing is for sure Angela loves a challenge an she is IN IT to WIN IT!!

No doubt if Ben Patton doesn’t choose her someone is gonna snap her up fast!

Angela Zatopek, Donald Trump
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  1. I truly enjoyed watching Ready for Love. I hope NBC will consider giving it another chance next season. It was much more honest and “real” than the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. I also liked the dynamic of the matchmakers being involved and helping the men and women along the way.

  2. I hope NBC reconsiders giving “Ready for Love” another shot. It was so much classier than the Bachelor. I especially liked hearing the opinions of the matchmakers. The finale was fantastic. In other reality shows, the “winner” is announced the last ten seconds of the show and then it ends. In Ready for Love, the viewers were able to enjoy their happiness.

  3. The program ” Ready For Love” was very interesting. I wished they aired it and also begin another new season.


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