Who are Jojo Fletcher’s brothers?

Monday night Bachelor Ben Higgins takes his amazing ladies on Hometowns to meet their families and presumably ask for their hand in marriage….from all 4 sets of parents! And one Hometown appears to go horribly wrong when Ben meets the brothers of 24-year-old Dallas real estate developer Joelle Fletcher. So who are Jojo Fletcher’s brothers? They are … Read more

Angela Zatopek responds to why she and Ben Patton broke up

Ready for Love’s Ben Patton, 31 and 24-year-old Angela Zatopek got engaged on the season finale Tuesday. But apparently the relationship ended before the finale even aired! InTouch interviewed the Former Miss Texas USA /CBS Sports sideline reporter /Christian /self proclaimed  virgin  about why the break up happened. Here is an excerpt. IT: Viewers just … Read more

Are Ben Patton and Angela Zatopek still together?

angela zatopek

**UPDATE** CONFIRMED: Ben Patton and Angela Zatopek are no longer together. Unfortunately things didn't work out and I wish her nothing but the very best. — Ben Patton (@Ben_Patton) June 5, 2013 **** Original Post: Wow! We are still horrified that NBC decided to cancel Ready for Love and relegate it to and Hulu, … Read more

Ready for Love’s Ben Patton and Angela engaged!!

Ben Patton Ready for Love

**UPDATE** CONFIRMED: Ben Patton and Angela Zatopek are no longer together. **** Original Post: In the finale of Ready for Love, Ben Patton, 31, chose 24-year-old Angela Zatopek over 26-year-old Allie Wagner. And, Ben and Angela are now engaged! Can you imagine having to keep your ENGAGEMENT a secret for almost a year (the finale … Read more

Who is Angela Zatopek on Ready for Love?

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Angela Zatopek Bio — Wiki UPDATED: October 19th, 2015 Name: Angela Zatopek Age: 26 Occupation: International Reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network — Designer of Eleváre Education: University of Texas-Austin Hometown: Dallas, TX Religion: Christian Twitter: @angelazatopek Facebook: Angela-Zatopek We have been watching Angela Zatopek on Ready for Love the last few weeks compete for Ben Patton, 31. She has been … Read more

‘Ready for Love’: Ben Patton contestants

‘Ready for Love’: Ben Patton contestants Age: 31 Occupation: Businessman Twitter: TBD Facebook: TBD Ben Patton is the successful businessman from Dallas Texas. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in systems engineering and economics. The matchmakers on ‘Ready for Love’ chose the following ladies for Ben: ALLIE WAGNER  KATIE COYLE   KARI … Read more

NBC’s ‘Ready for Love’ Reality show looks promising

We honestly thought there was nothing we could ever love as much as The Bachelor but Hollywood is buzzing about Eva Longoria’s new NBC reality show ‘Ready for Love’ and it looks like it really has the right stuff. The series premieres on April 9 at 9/8c and to air every Tuesday at 9–11pm ET/PT. … Read more