Who is Clare Crawley from The Bachelor 2014

We now know all 27 of Juan Pablo’s amazing ladies and one of those ladies is 32-year-old Clare Crawley.

Clare is a hairstylist from Sacramento, California and works at Mecca Salon specializing in men’s haircuts.

Clare will shock Juan Pablo with a fake baby bump, reminiscent of our favorite Bachelor spoof Burning Love that casts a pregnant woman in her last days of pregnancy — she gives birth in a roller rink on a group date BTW — ha! ha! LOVE that show.

Anyhoo, Clare is gonna be fun to watch on premiere night for sure!

We don’t reveal spoilers here as in who gets a rose and who makes it to the end but some insider on the bachelor blog is suggesting many insiders aren’t convinced that JP & Clare are a good match. We shall see.

Here is her Twitter account.

Here are the rest of the ladies:

Alli Restko

Val Eredia

Kat Hurd

Ashley Poe

Kylie Lewis

Andi Dorfman

Lauren Solomon

Kelly Travis

Renee Oteri

Amy Long

Maggie Gantt

Lucy Aragon

Alexis Morgado

Christine Llano

Danielle Ronco

Chantel Forrest

Lauren Higginson

Elise Mosca

Amy Jokinen

Lacy Faddoul

Nikki Ferrell

Cassandra Ferguson

Christy Hansen

Victoria Lima

Sharleen Joynt

Chelsie Webster

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