Who is Clare Crawley from The Bachelor 2014

We now know all 27 of Juan Pablo’s amazing ladies and one of those ladies is 32-year-old Clare Crawley. Clare is a hairstylist from Sacramento, California and works at Mecca Salon specializing in men’s haircuts. Clare will shock Juan Pablo with a fake baby bump, reminiscent of our favorite Bachelor spoof Burning Love that casts a pregnant woman in her … Read more

Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Galavis’ Ladies have been released!!

Juan Pablo Galavis

Alright Bachelor Nation we finally have something to cling to during these dark days of no-Bachelor Television. Reality Steve has just released a few of Juan Pablo’s amazing ladies. Ladies went crazy when ABC announced that he 32 year-old Venezuelan single dad; former pro soccer player; sports and music consultant; millionaire (that’s right ladies Juan … Read more

Lauren Solomon Bachelor 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter

Lauren Solomon Bachelor 2014 Click here to view the rest of the Bachelor 2014 contestants! Lauren Solomon Bio return to Bio’s Age: 27 Occupation: Piano Composer; Concierge Referral Company Founder/Owner Hometown: Detroit, MI Height: 5’4″ Tattoos: Two small ones Hot-spot clubs or low-key bars? Low-key dive bars Hot or cold weather? Hot! Tropical! All-Time Favorite Movies: Anchorman, Life … Read more