The Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder relationship situation

The Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder relationship has been quite a situation both this season and last season of Vanderpump Rules.

In fact it’s hard to believe that these two actually liked each other at one point in their past.

But in case you were curious about their WHOLE relationship story Stassi dishes the details on her Bravo blog about how they met. How did you meet Jax, and how did you get him to start working at SUR?
SS: Kristen actually played matchmaker with me and Jax. She had tried to set us up a while back, but nothing came of it; then a year later Kristen and I took a trip to Vegas. Jax and her boyfriend Tom were there. I had gotten a little too hammered for my own good, and apparently, Kristen and Tom wanted to go play poker; I didn’t, so they pawned me off on Jax. The next thing I remember is waking up in his hotel room, and he was just so enamored. I couldn’t remember the night before, but he was just acting so in love. I remember thinking, “Damn, what did I say to this guy to get him to fall so hard in only one night?!” If only I knew, I’d like to share that secret with every other female in the world! Haha.

After that morning, we were inseparable, and never spent a day apart. A year and a half into our relationship, his modeling career had slowed down a bit, and bills were piling up, so I begged Lisa to give him a job at SUR.

Stassi seems to be over Jax and all of his antics this season but its obvious that she still has some feelings for him and still gets a little crazy jealous when it comes to Jax and rumors about other girls especially the rumor that he slept with co-worker Kristen Doute!

Stassi confronted Jax about the allegation in front of other SUR workers. “First things first: did you f—k Kristen”. Jax of course denied it but that didnt stop Stassi from grabbing Kristen’s phone and pretending to be Kristen texting Jax.

But it looks like the ship has sailed on this SUR love story.

Jax is reportedly dating new girlfriend, model Carmen Dickmen aka Carmen Leslie?  


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