How did Jax Taylor and Carmen Dickman meet?

So by now everyone has heard that 34-year-old Jax Taylor the actor, model and bartender at SUR restaurant on Vanderpump Rules, has a new girlfriend, 23-year-old model/law student Carmen Dickman (reported here first BTW on January 19th way before RumorFix! thanks to our excellent insider). And Jax has been hitting the media hard to share the good news about his new relationship.

We here are a bit unsure about how ‘real’ the relationship may be after talking to our insider…although with Jax it’s not like he has a hard time falling in love….lucky for Bravo.

At any rate the source who first told us that Jax was seeing Carmen told us this about how the two met.

‘Notice he said he was ‘dating’. He has in another interview while he was in San Francisco over Valentines weekend, introduce her as his girlfriend. I think that they are trying to make it look as real as possible. He is even defending her on Instagram. They met through a mutual friend (Matt Cutshall) who works at SUR.

I think everyone including Scheana was scrambling to find a replacement. ‘

According to the source Carmen and Matt have been friends for years. So this story being told to the media about Carmen going into SUR with her dad and meeting Jax that way is not true, but it’s better for press I guess.

Matt Cutshall is also a musician and was in the band It Boys (free plug Matt) and apparently a Bravo talent scout now!!! And apparently Carmen had some ‘talent’. Here’s his Twitter: @itboymatt fyi.

The source has been saying that Bravo was working overtime to replace Stassi in an effort to create a story line for season 3 and they enlisted EVERYONE to find her. I hope you get a commission Matt!

The second season reunion was filmed on January 10, 2014 and it sounds like that is about the time the relationship began.

UPDATE: 3/23/2014: Jax Taylor and Carmen Dickman have broken up!

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Brandi Glanville recently claimed that Vanderpump Rules was ‘scripted’ on WWHL. Look, we know there is a certain degree of ‘production’ on all reality shows. I certainly don’t think they could have scripted the drama that went down on season 2 which is why the show had sky-high ratings and now Bravo is under serious pressure to SUR-ve up the same caliber of pandemonium. So this claim is not hard to believe.

Let’s just hope real feelings develop even if the relationship was ‘set-up’ and this crew can SUR-ve it up on season 3 because we are HOOKED!


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