Tom Sandoval explains the Jax situation

The Vanderpump Rules‘ season 2 Reunion on Monday, Feb. 10, looks like it is gonna be explosive. We will finally get to see what is happening between Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute and Ariana Madix. AND…..

It’s the first time that Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval will come face-to-face since their and bloody fist fight in during the finale.

In Tom’s Bravo Blog he breaks down his view of ‘the situation’

“I had no desire to do this photoshoot for many, many reasons, but let’s just cover the basics first. My day was a continuation from the day before because I had barely gotten any sleep with the thoughts of this Jax and Kristen scandal playing over and over in my head all night….

The last time I saw the classless Stassi and Jax, they had orchestrated the ultimate ambush, when they decided it was in good taste to divulge catastrophic information to me in front of a room full of friends and co-workers.  ….

Whether true or not, I can’t think of a more horribly inconsiderate way to handle revealing extremely personal information about someone’s relationship. So now I get to be around people who, before this information came out, cut Kristen off, and who have their heads halfway up Stassi’s ass. What? So I can waste my time taking pictures I don’t need? So I can get their jaded opinions of what I should do with my life and my relationship? Oh and let’s not forget I get to hang around and take pictures with my good ole buddy Jax (who suddenly has been transformed into a “good guy”).

And now that I have a FULL grasp of what’s happened, Here’s my friend who I have done SO much for and helped who I have starkly realized has monumentally f—ed me over. So as you can see, it’s a little tough to be happy, smile, and look good. The very presence of some of these people makes my stomach turn. Part of me wants to just leave SUR behind, head to Mexico, and escape this whole mess.”

Apparently the fist fight was even worse than shown on the finale. Tom took a lot more jabs at Jax.

We know that in the last few weeks Kristen Doute HAS moved out of her apartment with Tom Sandoval and Tom is allegedly dating Ariana according to our source. The two will likely reveal their relationship tonight. We also know Kristen walks off the set after discovering that Tom and Ariana are together. So get your popcorn ready and let the situations begin!

Stassi is now dating talk show host Patrick Meagher…

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