Who is Whitney Sudler Smith’s new 21-year-old girlfriend?

On the Bravo Southern Charm Reunion a lot of shoes were dropped including 2 tiny baby shoes from Thomas Ravenel after we learned that he had a baby with his much younger 22 year-old girlfriend Kathryn Dennis.

Rav’s good friend, American screenwriter and film-director Whitney Sudler-Smith, 45 who had been quite critical of the 29 year age difference between Thomas and Kathryn, interestingly also found himself a much younger lady! Life has a funny sense of humor.

Larissa-Antonia Marolt  Source: Wikipedia,
Larissa-Antonia Marolt
Source: Wikipedia,

And thank you to Whitney’s straight-talking mom Patricia Altschul who does not mince words or censor herself for anyone–give her her own show Bravo–Anyhow she took to Twitter to brag about her son heading to Vienna Austria with his new girlfriend, 21-year-old Larissa Marolt. She is stunning. You can see why Whitney was willing to bend the rules of age for this girl. The two attended the the 25th Romy Award 2014 at Hofburg Vienna on April 26, 2014 in Vienna, Austria.

Whitney Sudler Smith posted this on Twitter. Looks like he is causing some scandal around the globe!

Larissa Marolt won Austria’s Next Topmodel in 2009 beating out runner-up Victoria Hooper.

She was born July 10, 1992 Larissa-Antonia Marolt and raised in the Carinthian town of St. Kanzian. She is 5′-9 1/2 with blonde hair and blue/grey eyes. She owns an apartment in New York.

The 21-year-old bombshell hails from an elite Austrian political family.

Her father is Heinz Anton Marolt, a former member of the Austrian Freedom Party and retired local politician, now hotelier. Her mother Elke is as actress famous for Anna und die Liebe, Austria’s Next Topmodel.

Larissa does not have any tattoos. She is a smoker and a Christian.

Good job Whitney!

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