Who is Thomas Ravenel’s ex fiance?

Tonight on the Bravo Reunion of Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel, 51, revealed that he had left a woman at the altar. In fact T-Rav regales us with a story of “the one who got away”. He claims that he fell for a “beverage cart girl” a decade ago, but backed out of the marriage because of her low social status.

In fact we revealed last week that T-Rav was engaged in 2001, but dumped his then-bride by phone the day before the wedding.

So who was the lucky lady?

Thomas Ravenel fiancé in 2001 was Candace Yearwood
Source: facebook

In 2001, 38-year-old Ravenel, applied for a marriage license with 30-year-old Candace Yearwood, but he did not follow through with the marriage. Candace Yearwood is originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

She is 43 now and is definitely not a “beverage cart” girl–at least anymore. She is a real estate agent and is married to someone else and lives in Charleston, S.C.

See the wedding photo below from 1994 when Candace would have been 23 (thanks to a commenter below for the correct date of the photo). It looks like she was married before the T-Rav situation.

In 1995 Ravenel married Mary Ryan Ravenel but divorced her in 1998.

He was also engaged to Danielle Tosi, 44 from the Upper East side of NYC and the engagement lasted two months in 2011.

In fact T-Rav was the former presidential campaign chairman for Rudy Giuliani in NYC where he met Danielle. He sued his ex-fiance in 2011 to get back a $47,500 engagement ring.

He filed the lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court showing that Ravenel actually lived in NYC for a bit. He filed the suit against her for not returning the 2.7 karat diamond ring.

T-Rav said he paid $38,050 for the ring, but had some gems added to it which upped its value.

Candace Yearwood’s wedding in 1994
Source: Facebook


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