Bachelor in Paradise contestants, location and filming schedule

We have been anxiously awaiting an announcement from ABC or Reality Steve on the official contestants for the Bachelor Pad spin-off Bachelor in Paradise and now we have one!

The show will be filmed over 3 weeks in Tulum, Mexico and will focus on budding, organic relationships between the 10 guys and 10 girls chosen by ABC below. Past Bachelor Pad hook-ups have included: Kiptyn and Tenley, Gia Allemand and Wes Hayden, Blakeley Shea and Tony Pieper, Michael Stagliano and Rachel Truehart, Chris Bukowski and Jamie Otis, Ed Swiderski and Jaclyn Swartz .

Chris Harrison will host.

The big question everyone is curious about is:

Who will star on Bachelor in Paradise?


Lucy Aragon (Juan Pablo’s season)

Clare Crawley (Juan Pablo)

Clare Crawley

Danielle Ronco (Juan Pablo)

Amy Long (Juan Pablo)

Michelle Money (Brad 2.0, Bachelor Pad 2)

AshLee Frazier (Sean Lowe)

Sarah Herron (Sean Lowe)

Elise Mosca (Juan Pablo)

Lacy Faddoul (Juan Pablo)

Christy Hansen (Juan Pablo)

Tierra LiCausi (Sean Lowe)

Michelle Kujawa (Jake Pavelka)

Danielle McBride (Sean Lowe)

Michelle Money (Jake Pavelka)

Danielle Ronco

Jackie Parr

Tierra LiCausi
Source: ABC

Shannon Gibbons (Jason Mesnick)


Marquel Martin (Andi)

Dylan Petitt (Andi)

Cody Sattler (Andi)

Marcus Grodd (Andi)

Chris Bukowski (Emily, Bachelor Pad 3, every other show ever)

Ben Scott (Desiree)

Zack Kalter (Desiree)

Robert Graham (Desiree)

Kalon McMahon
Bachelor in Paradise

Kalon McMahon (Emily, Bachelor Pad 3)

Graham Bunn (DeAnna, Bachelor Pad 2)

Brooks Forester

Tasos Hernandez

Jesse Kovacs

Filming begins on Tuesday June 3rd.

RS also says that every one coming on the show is being paid.

When does Bachelor in Paradise premiere?

Monday Aug. 4th, 2014

I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed in this cast. I was expecting some bigger names like Jef Holm and Courtney Robertson. Now watching those two hang out for 3 weeks in Mexico could be amazing. I actually don’t even know who a lot of these people are!!

I am secretly hoping ABC has a big trick up their sleeve and will be bringing in the heavy hitters as the season progresses.

Here is the official list of contestants and latest info released by ABC.

Apparently the show will begin with the following cast:

AshLee Frazier, Ben Scott, Clare Crawley, Daniella McBride, Elise Mosca, Graham Bunn, Lacy Faddoul, Michelle Kujawa, Robert Graham, Sarah Herron, Martin and Money will join Petit and Grodd as part of the initial arrivals.

Jesse Kovacs

Bachelor in Paradise Premieres and the situations begin!

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