Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul hint at wedding date

In September we watched 26-year-old Canadian soccer player/sports medicine manager and Bachelorette contestant Marcus Grodd get engaged to former Bachelor (Juan Pablo) castoff, 25-year-old Lacy Faddoul on Bachelor in Paradise in Tulum Mexico, but they did not officially announce a date. There had been rumors that Marcus had been cheating on Lacy with 23-year-old Sydney Rae James … Read more

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap episode 6

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ episode 6 wastes no time in getting the situations started! Cody Sattler gives his rose to Michelle Money and tells her that he loves her after a record 24 hours together!  “Right before the rose ceremony, Cody told me he’s in love with me,” she tells the other contestants….”It’s just too much for me.” To make the situation even … Read more

Where is the Bachelor in Paradise location?

So Bachelor in Paradise professes to take contestants to an exotic tropical location so they can find love. We have heard rumors from Reality Steve that it’s a little less paradise and a little more of a “situation” due to the creature infestation and the less than 4 star accommodations. I suspect cast members were expecting … Read more

Chris Harrison explains the Michelle Kujawa situation on Bachelor in Paradise

The Bachelor in Paradise premiere was amazing! Really, it was so much better than I expected. I was worried with the cast of characters, most of which I could not even remember, that I would be bored, but boy was I wrong! So the cast is dropped off in an exotic location in Tulum, Mexico compliments of ABC … Read more

Who did Michelle Kujawa hook up with on Bachelor in Paradise? SPOILER ALERT

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t go any further if you do not want to know! So 30-year-old Michelle Kujawa is quite a situation tonight on The Bachelor in Paradise despite her miniscule air time. So ABC sends this gaggle of past Bachelor/ette contestants to the romantic city of Tulum Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula along the Caribbean Sea … Read more

Bachelor in Paradise contestants, location and filming schedule

We have been anxiously awaiting an announcement from ABC or Reality Steve on the official contestants for the Bachelor Pad spin-off Bachelor in Paradise and now we have one! The show will be filmed over 3 weeks in Tulum, Mexico and will focus on budding, organic relationships between the 10 guys and 10 girls chosen by … Read more