Becca Tilley dating Bachelor alum Robert Graham

Yet another amusing Bachelor alumni story—– Bachelor virgin Becca Tilley, 28 (Chris Soules season) is now dating Bachelorette alum Robert Graham, 32 (Desiree Hartsock’s season). Tilley was one of a handful of Bachelor contestants who proudly declared that she was saving herself for marriage. Cut to Robert Graham…who I am pretty certain is gay, and if you are … Read more

Lacy Faddoul reveals why she chose Marcus Grodd over Robert Graham in the beginning

Remember the relationship between Bachelor in Paradise engaged couple Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd almost never happened. Lacy was pretty in to Robert Graham in the beginning and he seemed pretty in to her. Remember she was 80-40 and the 80 was for Robert. She was worried that Marcus may not be over Andi Dorfman … Read more

The Robert Graham gay rumors after the Fantasy Suite catastrophe

Tonight was the Bachelor in Paradise finale and the big situation was not the engagement of Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, but the Fantasy Suite catastrophe of couple Robert Graham and Sarah Herron which had people on Twitter wondering about whether Robert was gay or not. The 31-year-old entrepreneur seemed obsessed with contestant 27-year-old Junior Art … Read more

Sarah Herron explains the Brooks Forester situation

Sarah Herron shocked us this week when she revealed that she came on Bachelor in Paradise to meet Brooks Forester. Apparently the two had met previously and had developed a mutual crush on one another. So when Brooks showed up it took Sarah off guard and made her rethink her budding relationship with Robert Graham. … Read more

Chris Harrison weighs in on Sarah Herron’s crush on Brooks Forester

Sarah Herron, the 27-year-old Junior Art Director from Marina Del Rey, CA on Bachelor in Paradise seemed like the most level headed of the BIP bunch—at least until Brooks Forester entered paradise! Initially she had her sights set on Marcus Grodd, but Marcus was clearly smitten by Lacy right off the bat so Sarah eventually gave in to suitor Robert Graham. … Read more

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap episode 6

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ episode 6 wastes no time in getting the situations started! Cody Sattler gives his rose to Michelle Money and tells her that he loves her after a record 24 hours together!  “Right before the rose ceremony, Cody told me he’s in love with me,” she tells the other contestants….”It’s just too much for me.” To make the situation even … Read more

Bachelor in Paradise Premieres and the situations begin!

Tonight on the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise fourteen ex cast-members of The Bachelor/Bachelorette head to the Yucatan and the small town of Tulum, Mexico to find LOVE! And the situations BEGIN! Legs are being thrown in late night ocean dips, love triangles emerge, a Mexican raccoon becomes a shoulder to cry on for Clare, legs are even broken! … Read more

When does Bachelor in Paradise premiere?

Bachelor in Paradise is the latest Bachelor spin-off and we are beyond excited! The show takes place in Tulum, Mexico and filmed for three weeks. Filming began Wednesday June 4th. It premieres on Aug. 4th, one week after Andi Dorfman’s finale. The show will run for 7 weeks every Monday. Chris Harrison claims it’s the “best show” … Read more

ABC releases ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ OFFICIAL cast!

The long awaited cast list for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ has been released and it’s……………………………… confusing. I’m confused as to why ABC had such a tough time getting solid D-list celebrities to star on the new Bachelor Pad spin-off. Usually ex-cast members are dying to turn their 15 minutes into 30 or 40 minutes of fame. … Read more