Caroline Stanbury talks about upcoming Bravo reality show!

Caroline Stanbury, 38 did this interview recently with the Huffington Post about her upcoming Bravo reality show, Ladies of London. Caroline claims that the American version Real Housewives is her “guilty pleasure” so she can’t be upset about the comparisons. But she also contends that the show is “not as mean” as the Real Housewives….ut oh…hope it will still be as “good”–ha ha! We Americans are tough customers when it comes to reality television!

In regards to whether she is ready for the “good and bad” that comes with reality TV. She says she is as ready as she will ever be.

Caroline is one of my personal faves. She is amazing! Caroline does not pull any punches. She is sarcastic and brash and funny as hell. I will watch the show just to hear her one liners. Don’t worry Caroline we DO love sarcasm here in America!

She does address the contradiction saying that it’s “selling yourself to the devil” and the “lowest of low”. But regardless Caroline is ready to put it all out there and we are ready to WATCH!

Caroline is a British Personal stylist/ entrepreneur. She is part of the landed Vestey family and is married to Cem Habib, the Turkish financier. Her father is Venture capitalist Antony Stanbury.

Bravo’s Ladies of London is set to premiere on June 2 at 10/9c

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