When does Bachelor in Paradise premiere?

Bachelor in Paradise is the latest Bachelor spin-off and we are beyond excited!

The show takes place in Tulum, Mexico and filmed for three weeks. Filming began Wednesday June 4th. It premieres on Aug. 4th, one week after Andi Dorfman’s finale. The show will run for 7 weeks every Monday.

Chris Harrison claims it’s the “best show” they’ve ever made but Reality Steve begs to differ. I suppose I should keep my expectations low, but it’s hard not to get fired up about any ABC Bachelor spin-off.

RS claims that there are 25 different former contestants that appear at some point on this show 19 of those 25 were on the show within the last two years which is shocking because I have no clue who most of these people are!


Lucy Aragon (Juan Pablo’s season)

Clare Crawley (Juan Pablo)

Danielle Ronco (Juan Pablo)

Amy Long (Juan Pablo)

Michelle Money (Brad 2.0, Bachelor Pad 2)

AshLee Frazier (Sean Lowe)

Sarah Herron (Sean Lowe)

Elise Mosca (Juan Pablo)

Lacy Faddoul (Juan Pablo)

Christy Hansen (Juan Pablo)

Tierra LiCausi (Sean Lowe)

Michelle Kujawa (Jake Pavelka)

Michelle Kujawa

Danielle McBride (Sean Lowe)

Shannon Gibbons (Jason Mesnick)


Marquel Martin (Andi)

Dylan Petitt (Andi)

Cody Sattler (Andi)

Marcus Grodd (Andi)

Chris Bukowski (Emily, Bachelor Pad 3, every other show ever)

Ben Scott (Desiree)

Zack Kalter (Desiree)

Robert Graham (Desiree)

Kalon McMahon (Emily, Bachelor Pad 3)

Graham Bunn (DeAnna, Bachelor Pad 2)

It airs on ABC right after The Bachelorette finale.

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