Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell still together?

Bachelor season 18 star Juan Pablo Galavis was recently spotted getting cozy with another woman besides his amazing lady Nikki Ferrell, Ang Cottone in Atlantic City, who claims that JP and Ferrell have split.

According to TMZ, JP and Cottone were at Pool After Dark in Harrah’s for Jersey Shore star Pauly D’s DJ set and to celebrate a mutual friend’s birthday. Juan Pablo invited Cottone to join him in the DJ booth. The two got very cozy and Ang claims Juan Pablo was being “incredibly flirtatious” and asked for her number.

Ang Cottone Source: Twitter
Ang Cottone
Source: Twitter

Ang Cottone is apparently famous for fighting with Tan Mom on Howard Stern’s show!

But, it’s hard to know what’s true since both Nikki Ferrell and JP and keep brushing off the rumors.

The other possibility is that Juan Pablo and Nikki are just pretending to be together since the two are set to star on VH1-s Couples Therapy which won’t be officially announced until August due to JPs contractual agreements with ABC.

So I guess we will see then if everything ‘ees OKAY!”


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