Spoiler Alert: Is Josh Murray cheating with his ex Brittany McCord


I had sort of blown this rumor off since I couldn’t even be sure that Josh had even dated Brittany McCord. All I had to go by was a photo by her on Twitter and a comment about “things not working out” with them. But for all I knew that could have been a joke. So I posted a story about his ex-girlfriend Brittany with a HUGE disclaimer.

josh-britBut the rumor that 29-year-old winner Josh Murray has been cheating with Brittany really seems to be picking up steam since Reality Steve recently revealed that Josh had been sending her messages regularly on Snapchat. In fact Brittany took the top spot on his Snapchat above Bachelorette and fiancé Andi Dorfman.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

In fact the rumor made it to a big tabloid source, US Weekly which is why I would give this some consideration. US Weekly is reporting that Andi is now talking to runner-up Nick Viall behind Josh’s back and reconsidering her decision to get engaged to Josh on the season finale of The Bachelorette.

Andi bonded with Josh over the issue of having an “unfaithful” partner on one of their dates but she also expressed reservations about Josh since her ex-boyfriend John Busing was also a professional athlete and had cheated on her. “So bad to say, but I just chalked it up to the athlete lifestyle,” Andi claimed “I was just like ‘okay, he’s an athlete.’”

Despite this rumor Bachelor spoiler Reality Steve insists the two are still together and engaged. I guess we will see Monday night July 28th on After the Final Rose!

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