Did Andi Dorfman’s ex-boyfriend affect her final decision?

Apparently 27-year-old Bachelorette Andi Dorfman dumped her professional football player boyfriend right before going on The Bachelor—to date professional soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis.

Andi had been dating another professional athlete: 30-year-old defender / American football player John Busing, of Alpharetta, GA for four years when she broke up with him. And from her conversations with finalist and sales executive Nick Viall, 33 we know that John cheated on her.

But Andi also seemed to really bond with finalist and pro-baseball player Josh Murray, 29 over the issue of having been cheated on in the past.

So without revealing who wins the final rose, an inside source is reporting that Andi changed her mind at the last minute. Producers felt certain it would be one guy, but Andi changed her mind at the last minute to the other.

OkMagazine (warning if you click this link you will know who wins) says a production source claimed:

“Andi had deep feelings for both Josh and Nick, and she initially chose (name removed) to win.” …. “But just minutes before she was set to tape, she had a change of heart and picked (name removed) instead.”

It was obvious that Andi was very attracted to Josh but also scared of him because of her history with professional athletes cheating. So did her difficult experience with John Busing impact her final decision?

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