Who has Bachelorette contestant Josh Murray dated?

2014 Bachelorette winner Josh Murray will join several other D-list reality stars this summer on a show called ‘Famously Single’ on E! where he will under go several weeks of intensive relationship therapy to cure him of his relationship hang-ups. And the timing couldn’t be better…or worse if you are Josh Murray. Former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman just released … Read more

Andi Dorfman claims ex fiancee Josh Murray was jealous and ’emotionally abusive’

Whoah! Andi Dorfman makes some explosive claims in her new tell all book ‘It’s Not Okay’ about her relationship with ex fiancee Josh Murray. The two seemed like one of the most perfect couples to emerge from the Bachelorette franchise when they got engaged in 2014. In fact it was obvious that Andi was smitten with Josh … Read more

Spoiler Alert: Is Josh Murray cheating with his ex Brittany McCord

SPOILER ALERT! I had sort of blown this rumor off since I couldn’t even be sure that Josh had even dated Brittany McCord. All I had to go by was a photo by her on Twitter and a comment about “things not working out” with them. But for all I knew that could have been … Read more

Season 10 Bachelorette Recap Episode 6

Tonight The Bachelorette implemented the most brilliant idea ever!–a lie detector test! Bravo ABC! This should be a given EVERY season. This show is already so ridiculous/amazing, lets just take it to a “whole new level” ABC where we ambush the guys and treat them like criminals forcing them to take a lie detector test–grilling … Read more

Andi Dorfman explains why she gave Nick Viall the first impression rose

Milwaukee account executive Nick Viall, 33 won the coveted first impression rose Monday night much to the surprise of everyone. Not that Nick isn’t adorable, but we know Andi likes the big jock types and there were so many choose from. We know that Nick comes from a rather large family of 11 kids! Wow! Well Andi did … Read more

Andi Dorfman dumped boyfriend to go on The Bachelor

The ex-boyfriend or girlfriend situation is always one of our favorites. Anyone can look good onscreen with some great ABC editing but for every contestant on The Bachelor or Bachelorette there is an ex somewhere who was either dumped by that person or dumped them. According to HollywoodLife, 27-year-old Andi Dorfman dumped her boyfriend right … Read more

Bachelorette contestant Josh Murray’s ex-girlfriend

So every season of The Bachelorette the first order of business for us D-List celebrity stalkers is to find ex-girlfriends! Because wherever a hot eligible guy exists, there is a hot ex-girlfriend who could spell trouble. So thus far on this season we have located two ex-girlfriends….Chris Soules ex Sheena Schreck and now Josh Murray’s … Read more