‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap episode 3

So Bachelor in Paradise is quite an amazing summer situation! Just when you thought the crazy people had left….. Tonight Elise is still mourning the loss of the love of her life Dylan Petitt who she scared away by kissing Chris Bukowski. But don’t worry she rebounds quite nicely! In fact I’d say we may … Read more

Chris Bukowski and Elise Mosca leave Paradise, land in Chicago

Chris Bukowski and Elise Mosca! Wow! Whaaaat?! Isn’t she still nursing a broken heart over Dylan Pettit? Elise’ previous boyfriend was Mike The Situation from Jersey Shore….so…. Anyhow 27-year-old first-grade teacher Elise Mosca quickly rebounds from Dylan and I mean quickly. She gets an overnight date with new beau Chris tonight (even though Elise apologized profusely to Dylan and … Read more

Bachelor in Paradise Episode 2 Recap

Well the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise was pretty epic and left us on a serious cliff hanger–wondering who in the world Michelle K hooked up with that prompted the whole production crew to bang on her hotel room door and demand she answer some questions from host Chris Harrison? And how, for the love of God, … Read more