Tom Sandoval blast James Kennedy’s ‘apology’

Everyone remembers Tom Sandoval’s apology video to Scheana Marie after his fight with Vanderpump Rules star and SUR busboy James Kennedy last week. Tom approached Kristen at Scheana Marie’s birthday party to confront her about spreading rumors that he went to Miami and cheated on girlfriend Ariana Madix with AnneMarie Kunkel.

Needless to say Tom is p1s$ed that Kristen is interfering in his brand new relationship with Ariana. Boyfriend James Kennedy comes over and confronts Tom and a fight immediately broke out.

He took to his Bravo blog on Tuesday to blast ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute. Here is an excerpt:

“I didn’t apologize to Lisa because I wanted her to reverse my suspension. I just wanted her to know I was truly sorry. To me, that’s what taking responsibility for your actions is all about. When an apology is truly genuine, all you want in return is forgiveness.”

“James and Kristen completely lack this trait, as well as any self awareness. Look at both of them and the way that they had made most of Scheana’s birthday party all about attacking me and my relationship. Look at Kristen, in how she had punched me three times after the scuffle had already been broken up (giving me my black eye). At James and the fact that he had aggressively gotten in my face to begin with, provoking me, when I was clearly trying to be polite and defuse the situation.”

The apology from James to Lisa did seem a bit desperate and not genuine. It felt more like “please let me keep this job that guarantees me face time on a top-rated show”, rather than “I truly regret my actions, I’m sorry”. So Tom understandably goes on to criticize the half-baked apology:

“Kristen and James never even made any attempts to apologize until — yep, that’s right! — he had to face consequences for his actions! Until then, he was running around telling everyone that the whole situation was bullsh–, and I was solely responsible for everything. Only when motivated by the thought of losing his ability to continuously take Beamer selfies and pay bills did he finally change his tune. James makes this apology to Lisa for the most selfish reason possible. NOT because he wants Lisa’s forgiveness, but because he wants something else from her. . .his job”

“Now, while we’re on the subject of James’ apology, I found it rather funny that he refers to writing a letter to someone, as solely an “English” custom and an idea he came up with, when it was clearly Max (Lisa’s son), who gave him the idea. I do give James some credit. At least we know he can be pretty manipulative, knowing he could exploit Lisa’s softer side by going this “letter” route. I feel it’s pretty obvious he used this to strike a maternal cord.”

I also loved Lisa’s response to James….when she blasted him for going around claiming that he is a “family friend”. Sounds like this guy likes to name-drop and likes to exaggerate a tad, bit, and definitely likes being center stage.

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Photo Source: Bravo

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