Ariana Madix talks about the Kristen Doute and Tom Sandoval situation

So last week on episode 3 of Vanderpump Rules season 3 we had the world’s most uncomfortable cable box exchange situation. Tom’s ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute texted Tom and asked if they could meet to exchange their belongings. (Why this did not happen months ago when they actually broke up I have no idea!—codependency maybe?)

To make things even more uncomfortable Kristen goes to Tom’s apartment for the exchange—you know the apartment where she used to live with Tom. So surprise Kristen breaks into tears claiming she’s happy, and telling Ariana she doesn’t hate her.

This is after Tom Sandoval, and Ariana Madix had had a discussion about why Tom still had not officially cut ties with his ex.

The exchange made it obvious that regardless of how much Kristen claims to like new boyfriend James Kennedy, she is obviously not over Tom and he IS obviously over her.

Here is what Ariana said in her Bravo blog about the exchange:

“In regards to the staff meeting, to say Lisa has it out for anyone is a bullshit excuse that preys upon the naiveté of people who don’t know better. When James inexplicably showed up at SUR, I was fortunate enough to be on my break and witness the Peter smack down. Just sipping my tea, minding my own business, and getting quite the show.”

“I have the most to say on the following subject, because I feel as though it is often the most misunderstood. I am in a beautiful relationship that now has a shadow of doubt cast upon it to all those who don’t know any better due to one person’s quest for unjustified revenge and destruction. Hearing the things people have been saying about the man I know and love makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. Ignorance is rampant in this world and no amount of education I attempt to provide can control negative attitudes and hate in people’s hearts.”

Wow! No love lost between Ariana and Kristen. Interesting to see Ariana defending her relationship with Tom after the cheating allegations.

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