Tom Sandoval tells Jax and Peter that he wanted to watch Kristen have sex with another man

This was a clip from last season of a crazy conversation that Tom Sandoval had with his pals Jax Taylor and Peter Madrigal at Berlin Currywurst in Hollywood about being “turned on” at the thought of watching then girlfriend Kristen Doute sleep with another guy.

Tom says that he was talking “Tina” who I assume is Christina Kelly about cheating in Vegas. Tina asked if they had an open relationship since they both had cheated.

Tom said “I imagined Kristen with another guy watching it and in some way it might even turn me that weird?” Both Jax and Peter shake their heads in disbelief and tell him its “really f**cking weird”

Funny thing is I have heard of this ‘situation’ before. It’s not really all that “weird” Tom. Although it also may not be the best thing for any relationship! I knew a couple who did it and the girl fell in love with the other guy so it didn’t quite work.

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