Ladies of London fiance Scot Young death conspiracy

We are just learning the shocking news that Ladies of London’s Noelle Reno’s controversial fiance Scot Young, 52 plummeted four storeys to his death from a window in his luxury central London penthouse on Monday evening. The 60 foot fall killed him instantly as he impaled himself on an iron railing outside his apartment window in Montagu Square.

His death comes a year after ending a very bitter six-year divorce battle with his ex-wife Michelle, 49, who received a paltry £20million after claiming Scot hid £400million in offshore accounts.

Young was shady and he was rich (I do not believe for a second that he was “broke”). He must have had some serious enemies in his line of business “fixing” things for wealthy oligarchs. At the moment authorities claim the death is “not suspicious”, but it’s hard to imagine a 60 foot fall would not be “suspicious” and would not lead many to think conspiracy.

The horrific manner of death would certainly be an awful way to commit suicide.

This in addition to the news that Scot Young told a close friend that he had told friends just last month that he feared for his safety. Additionally several of Young’s business associates had died under suspicious circumstances (per the DailyMailUK).

‘He was very worried, he said he knew someone was following him,’ says the source. ‘Many of Scot’s friends aren’t surprised that he died.’

Apparently Young had told many friends that he was worried someone was going to try to kill him.

UPDATE: 12/11/2014 The plot thickens on Scot Young’s death. Ex wife was following him with private investigators weeks before. Noelle Reno and Scott Young broke-up weeks before his tragic death

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