Does Tom Sandoval still have feelings for Kristen Doute?

If you have been watching season 3 of Vanderpump Rules then you have seen how blissfully happy star Tom Sandoval appears with his new girlfriend Ariana Madix and you have seen how vigilantly ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute has been stalking Tom on social media and perseverating on his new relationship with Ariana despite being in a new relationship herself with boyfriend and SUR busboy James Kennedy—- and you are probably wondering if there are lingering feelings between Tom and Kristen.

It appears that Tom is way over Kristen in season 3 but Kristen is not over Tom if you watched the world’s most uncomfortable cable box exchange 2 weeks ago, but surprisingly both may not be over each other.

I received an email from an insider a bit ago about the situation:

“Tom and Ariana are good. He still has feelings for Kristen and he is having a hard time with that. They still work together. I think that they still flirt with each other. Ariana is better for Tom, and they both are smitten. I think that Kristen and Tom will find their way back together though. It’s an unspoken thing with them and everyone can see it. Trust me on that.”

So honestly I don’t know what to think. I think Tom and Ariana are really good together and really in love but the source may be right. There may be more going on than meets the eye. Not to mention the cheating rumors that Tom Sandoval cheated in March with ‘Miami girl’ Annemarie Kunkel.

He allegedly told her that he and Ariana broke up 3 weeks earlier. So were there issues in this budding relationship while the show was being filmed? And were the issues based on Tom not being over his ex Kristen  yet? It looks like we may get to see an on-screen confrontation with Annemarie this season–fingers crossed!

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1 thought on “Does Tom Sandoval still have feelings for Kristen Doute?”

  1. well who knows. But anytime you end a relationship that long I think its going to be tough no matter how much you need and want to end things so for that reason I would believe it. I think thanks to Ariana though he won’t be tempted to go back and thats the good news.


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