Bachelor 2015 Contestants names, ages and Hometowns officially revealed!

We have been waiting on pins and needles for an official list of the ladies who will be vying for the heart of Bachelor Chris Soules on The Bachelor 2015 which airs Monday Jan. 5.

This time the Bachelor will be given 30 amazing ladies to choose from! ABC says that eight women will be eliminated during the first rose ceremony and the remaining 22 will compete for the rest of the dates.

Here is the official list of names and Hometowns per ABC….
Britt Nilsson
Britt Nilsson

Alissa Giambrone, 24, flight attendant, Hamilton, N.J.

Amanda Goerlitz, 24, ballet teacher, Lake in the Hills, Ill.
Amber James, 29, bartender, Chicago, Ill.
Ashley Iaconetti, 26, nanny, Wayne, N.J.
Ashley Salter, 24, hair stylist, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Becca Tilley, 25, chiropractic assistant, San Diego, Calif.
Bo, 25, plus-size model, Carpinteria, Calif.
Britt Nilsson, 27, waitress, Hollywood, Calif.
Brittany, 26, WWE diva-in-training, Orlando, Fla.Carly, 29, cruise ship singer, Arlington, Texas

Kelsey Poe
Kelsey Poe

Jade Roper, 28, cosmetics developer, Los Angeles, Calif.

Jillian Anderson, 25, news producer, Washington, D.C.

Jordan Branch, 24, student, Windsor, Colo.

Juelia Kinney, 30, esthetician, Portland, Ore.

Kaitlyn Bristowe, 29, dance instructor, Vancouver, BC

Kara Wilson, 25, high school soccer coach, Brownsville, Ky.

Kelsey Poe, 28, guidance counselor, Austin, Texas

Kimberly, 28, yoga instructor, Long Island, N.Y.

Mackenzie Deonigi, 21, dental assistant, Maple Valley, Wash.

Megan Bell, 23, makeup artist, Nashville, Tenn.

Michelle, 25, wedding cake decorator, Provo, Utah

Nicole, 31, real estate agent, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Nikki, 26, former NFL cheerleader, New York City, N.Y.

Jade Roper
Jade Roper

Reegan, 28, cadaver tissue saleswoman, Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Samantha, 27, fashion designer, Los Angeles, Calif.

Tandra Steiner, 30, executive assistant, Sandy, Utah

Tara Eddings, 26, sport fishing enthusiast, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Tracy, 29, fourth grade teacher, Wellington, Fla.

Christina Scherenberg, 33, special education teacher, San Clemente, Calif.

Whitney Bischoff
Whitney Bischoff

Whitney Bischoff, 29, fertility nurse, Chicago, Ill.

Photo Source: ABC

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