Chris Soules still in love with ex-girlfriend Sheena Schreck?

Without revealing any spoilers Bachelor Chris Soules has already admitted that he did find love on this season of The Bachelor and he is engaged–so that much we can say. We also reported on Soules ex-girlfriend last year Sheena Schreck.

UPDATE 4/25/2017: CHRIS SOULES  arrested for leaving the scene of fatal car crash

But an Insider just told Star magazine that the 33-year-old Iowa farmer is still in love with his 32-year-old ex-girlfriend Sheena.

The two had been in a seven-year relationship and were also engaged and planning a wedding but Chris broke it off and Sheena eventually moved to Southern California because “although his relationship with his fiancee was good, he didn’t want to settle for ‘good.’ He wanted ‘great.’”

Chris Soules
This picture is of Chris Soules and ex-girlfriend Sheena Schreck in Galena, Illinois New Year’s Eve 2006

An insider told the magazine, “Seven years into a relationship and engagement, and Chris ends it because he suddenly comes to the realization that he didn’t want to settle? That’s not the most sensitive admission I’ve ever heard from someone projecting himself as a down-to-earth guy. The funny thing is, Sheena is the total package — smart and sexy, with a warm and bubbly personality. Chris sounds like someone trying hard to convince himself that he still doesn’t have deep feelings for her…which I’m sure he does. He even followed Sheena’s page when he first joined Twitter.”

The insider goes on to say: “Sheena will be the one to provide the truth and insight about Chris, if she decides to tell the story” ….“In his heart, I’m sure Chris was comparing all the fame-hunting females on The Bachelor to Sheena — and realizing how good he had it.”

Rumors are circulating that Chris consequently has broken up with his Bachelor fiancé but Reality Steve claims the rumors are not true and the engagement is still on!

Who is Sheena Schreck?


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