Who will the next ABC Bachelorette be?

We are only 5 weeks in to this season of The Bachelor and there is already speculation about who the next Bachelorette will be.

Reality Steve and Ali Fedotowsky are suggesting model/actress Britt Nilsson is a shoe win.

Chris Harrison just spoke to E News and said this about the possible prospects: 30-year-old Dance Instructor from Vancouver, British Columbia Kaitlyn Bristowe and 27-year-old Britt Nilsson from Hollywood, California.

“We have not picked a Bachelorette, for sure,” …..

“They’d be two very different bachelorettes. Kaitlyn would be a blast. I would love to do it with her. She’s just fun. She reminds me a little bit of Michelle Money who I also love and adore.  Self-deprecating, amazingly quick-witted sense of humor, she kind of gets it. I love that kind of show. It would be fun for me selfishly to do it with her.”

The other big contender is Britt Nilsson.

“Britt, on the other hand, would be a great show in a totally different way. I think it would be emotional, heartfelt, there would be a lot of tears, there would be a roller coaster ride. I think they would both produce very good shows in really different ways. And Britt’s obviously drop-dead gorgeous and I think men would be falling all over themselves to have a chance to date her.”

I am not so sure ABC will choose Britt after the controversy surrounding her. She apparently made it clear to the women that she was not looking to settle down anytime soon–sort of important if you want the lead role on a reality show about finding a life partner.

Of course all of this hinges on the notion that neither of these ladies ‘wins’. We still don’t know who exactly wins although Chris Soules spilled the beans already that Britt does not. I think both ladies would be great leads. Stay tuned!

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