Bachelor Chris Soules proposes to Whitney Bischoff on season finale!

Tonight was the long-awaited finale of Prince Farming Chris Soules season of The Bachelor. And for the first time the finale took place right here in the USA and in Chris Soules Hometown in Iowa. The finale took place at the Julien hotel in Dubuque and on a Soules family farm in a barn—ABC must have saved a ton of money on this season!

So both Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley met Chris’ family finally.

Whitney wins the “charm the family contest”. She delivers a very heartfelt toast and diatribe about her love for the Bachelor. But Chris tells his dad he is really struggling with this decision and for the first time in Bachelor history I believe that! I think Chris is legitimately torn and he really is in love with Becca but is terrified that she is not in love with him.

Whitney is grilled by Chris older sisters about moving to Arlington. But she is “all in”. I do believe that Whitney is the one girl who will pack up and move to Arlington.

Becca isn’t as convincing to the Soules family–perhaps because she is not in love with Chris yet.

enagementchris“Coming into this, I was like, I could see myself liking this guy. Now, I’m falling in love with him and I’m not there yet,” Becca admits. “I feel like I’m supposed to be there at this point…I’m scared that If I’m not at a certain place I’m supposed to be at, does that mean that this has to end?”

How could you not be “there yet”?? It’s been 9 weeks! And he has only been dating you and one other lady for a week. I can not believe that anyone doubts this process.

Chris’ sisters’ are frustrated that Chris is still so confused. Sister Lori says, “I feel like Chris is confused and I really wish he had some clarity and it’s frustrating to me that he doesn’t.”

I think Chris’ dad summed it up best when he said “Whitney’s a sure thing, but I think Becca is who he wants.”

Chris was obviously very upset when Becca could not offer him any certainty about moving to Arlington and being in love with him which I think is clearly what made the decision for him.

So it would not be a Bachelor finale without Neil Lane and a Neil Lane engagement ring. Niel Lane shows up with a stunning selection of engagement rings, but I love that Chris was picking a ring as he was insisting he still did not know who he was going to choose!! Now that is a situation for sure!

Becca steps out of the limo and in to the barn first–aka she is getting dumped. Chris is visibly upset about saying goodbye to her when he still has such strong feelings for her. He says “I know I could see you being my wife but you’re not really ready and I have to go with my heart and my gut.” WOW!!!!

Becca seems disturbingly relieved and happy at the rejection and wishes him well.

I think for the first time the Bachelor proposes to his number two girl. The second-hand awkwardness I felt watching the proposal was a bit overwhelming. So the end was a bit bitter sweet, but beautiful none-the-less. Producers really gussied up that barn on one of the Soules family properties–the barn where Chris raised his first pig BTW—-although they did not spring for heat! Because it was so cold you could see their breathe.

Anyway, Chris claims he is very happy with his final decision and the the two are very much together. But I am keeping a very close eye on this situation. It feels very uncomfortable to me.

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  1. Yeah, that was a weird one. Whitney seems like an awesome woman, but I don’t think he should have proposed when he was still so conflicted and emotional about Becca. It just didn’t seem genuine, although they seem pretty well matched in some ways so maybe it will work out. The person who is 26 years old and has never been in love is probably not the one to look for for commitment.


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