Vanderpump Rules season 3 reunion Part 1: all about Jax

Vanderpump Rules season 3 reunion Part 1

Well no one thought that season 3 of Vanderpump Rules could deliver the same caliber of drama that season 2 did, but ‘bravo’ Bravo, you did a pretty darn good job.

There were a lot of situations to cover this season but host Andy Cohen starts with never-ending situation of 35-year-old Jax Taylor aka Jason Cauchi.

He grills Jax about being embroiled in a love triangle with Carmen Dickman and Tiffany Matthews. Jax insisted the girls knew about each other but our sources told us they did not. Kristen claims Carmen was completely unaware of Tiffany and an insider told us that Tiffany was unaware of Carmen.

Andy also grilled Jax about the infamous San Diego bathroom situation aka did he or did he not have sex with the girl in the bathroom in the San Diego hotel.  Jax does not cave on this one and insists he did not, but I believe Tom Schwartz and Sandoval, that he definitely had sexual relations with that San Diego girl. Sandoval claims that Jax emerged from the bathroom sweating and Katie claims that the two were making sex noises. Ewwwwww!!!

And then the infamous gay rumors surrounding Jax and his friend/roommate/Sugar Daddy John Walters in Miami. Jax earlier confessed that John had taken nude photos of him. Andy, is of course intrigued by this (I think Andy has a tiny crush on Jax) and asks Jax if he had “sexual relations with that man.” Jax concedes that the two kissed but that was it. Ha! yeah right!

They also discussed the trip to Miami for Scheana’s engagement party and touched on the ‘Miami Girl’ situation and how Jax told on Tom.

But girlfriend Ariana appears to still believe Tom and claims the texts were “innocuous”. Yikes! I think the Miami Girl evidence was pretty darn incriminating.

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