Are Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff still together?

Tonight 33-year-old Bachelor Chris Soules, 33 proposed to 29-year-old Fertility Nurse Whitney Bischoff in a very cold barn in Chris Hometown.

The finale was a bit bitter sweet though because he was so visibly in love with Becca Tilley, 26. Even in his break up speech to Becca his reason for dumping her was not that he wasn’t ‘in love’ with her it was that she wasn’t ‘ready’.

Becca looked disturbingly relieved when Chris broke up with her while Chris looked devastated.

On After the Final Rose Chris Harrison asks Soules if Becca had responded differently would that have changed things. Chris says “I don’t know”. OUCH aka, yes. He also claims that his now fiance Whitney would only watch the episodes with her dates with Chris (and that’s probably a GOOD thing!)

Chris talks to Becca for the first time on After the Final Rose. Becca is very gracious and composed with Chris–as in not upset–not looking for ‘answers’ like the runner-up usually does. Chris looks really nervous to talk with her. And truthfully he doesn’t say anything to indicate that he he is not in love with her still.

Interestingly, you can tell by the comments that there was a lot of “pushing” behind the scenes trying to get Becca to fall for Chris–an enneagram 6’s worst nightmare! But Becca didn’t budge.

Then Whitney comes out and Chris gives her a giant hug as if to assuage any concerns about his feelings for Becca, but I gotta say I wasn’t quite feeling it.

So are Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff still together?


Whitney is thrilled about their relationship.

Whitney said that she was “the happiest girl in the entire world” and was just excited to be “normal” with Chris.

She has been secretly visiting Chris and his family in Arlington and is ready to seal the deal. Chris seemed a bit spaced out, detached and withdrawn, but trying to assure everyone that his love for Whitney is solid.

They are still together but don’t plan to get married “anytime soon” and there have been reports that Chris may have still have feelings for his ex-girlfriend Sheena Schreck. — not sure on that one, but Sheena also lives in California. Chris is currently living in LA for Dancing With The Stars but Whitney is also with him.

I am not buying any wedding gifts just yet for the new couple.

I am feeling very uneasy about this situation!

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