Whitney Sudler-Smith and the gay conspiracy

We always love it when a reality show has a secret gay conspiracy. I was hesitant to even explore this one because it seemed pretty unlikely, but tonight on the show when co-star Craig Conover talked about 46-year-old Whitney Sudler-Smith’s new Austrian girlfriend in air quotes and implied how convenient it was that she lived overseas I decided I had to at least examine the evidence.

And there is some compelling evidence.

One, the lack of a serious long-term girlfriend—well he does have a girlfriend but she is 25 years his junior and lives in another country—actress/model Larissa Marolt.

UPDATE 5/10/2015: I recently discovered that there is a lot of chatter that Whitney’s girlfriend Larissa Marolt is bi-sexual but prefers women.

Two, his obsession with Halston as the producer and director of the acclaimed fashion documentary Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston.

Here is the Trailer for his Halston film. You tell me. It looks pretty darn gay in my opinion….

Three, his obsession with BFF Thomas Ravenel and his disdain for Thomas’ new girlfriend Kathryn Dennis.

Fourth, and finally my favorite piece of evidence— Whitney paling around with Prince Albert. Prince Albert of Monaco has long been a favorite target of the tabloid media and gay conspiracies. They also suggest he may be bi-sexual and that he loves kinky parties. Last May he spent some time in Monaco with the Prince.Capture

Cameran Eubanks asked Whitney:

“@WSUDLERSMITH does Prince Albert know who @ShepRose is? He should.”

“@cameraneubanks @ShepRose Oh yeah, he’s a huge fan of the show. Was really sad when the whole MJ thing didn’t work out.”

Well, first of all, how great that Prince Albert AND Lady Gaga love Southern Charm and secondly, maybe Prince Albert is a fan of the show for even more reasons like because his studly American boyfriend Whitney Sudler-Smith stars on the show.

I am betting that Whitney attends a lot of Eyes Wide Shut parties regardless of his sexuality and is in to some pretty kinky stuff.

Obviously the jury is still out on this verdict, but I will certainly be looking for a lot more air quotes and looking to see if Whitney takes more trips to Monaco.

Arthur Altschul
Source: Tumbler

If you would like to submit any additional evidence on either side of this situation, please feel free to weigh in.

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11 thoughts on “Whitney Sudler-Smith and the gay conspiracy”

  1. I know that Thonas J. J. Ravenel is straight as an arrow. I grew up South Of Broad and I don’t know where you come up with that crap that all males down there are gay.

  2. it’s no secret (here locally) that the “south of broad” male offspring are homosexual, though they continue to procreate and have “wives” to keep money in the historic bloodlines. everyone here knows whit is a fag, and probably t-rav. ask anyone here about buzzy newton’s son. gay as the day is long, everybody knows it, but is married and has kids.

  3. Pat Dey Smith climbed her way to the top. Before she met Ed Fleming, she was sleeping on someone’s coach, down and out. She put a well thought out plan to get Ed Fleming. And then donated a painting of Lee Fleming’s, so she could be seated at the donors table at the Met. Museum. She then switched place cards to sit next to her last husband Arthur.

    • man o man!!! Well she recently blocked me on Twitter and I have no clue why so I would not put anything past her. I love your updates!

      Her marriage to Ed is intriguing to say the least. What about Ed’s mysterious death in DC? What are your thoughts on that?

  4. I kno that Whitney IS absolutely more gay than straight…last summer over in California during his dinner party he brought a very young gay male as his dinner date. Patricia toasted to the fact that she will regrettably never be a bio grandmother in the near future. Yet she seemed extremely close with the dinner date that was Whitneys “friend”. Thomas was overheard telling Kathryn that they should invite the guest into their next hotel stay…for drinks…nithing more

  5. Larissa Marolt fits his bill. In NYC she was a well known bi sexual … preferring woman. A fixture at The BOX and long time girlfriend of featured female Burlesque performer Dee Dee


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