Kaitlyn Bristowe explains her tattoos

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe meets her suitors tonight and one of the young men — Ben Higgins, 27 asks her about her tattoos. The Vancouver, British Columbia dance instructor has 5 tattoos.
Kaitlyn Bristowe Tattoos Source: Instagram
Kaitlyn Bristowe Tattoos
Source: Instagram

So tonight when Ben H. gets some 1-on-1 time with Kaitlyn he asks her about her “bird tattoos” on the back of both her elbows.

She tells him they are doves and that doves are the only bird that remembers how to fly home and family is very important to her.  She says that she has lived in a lot of places including Germany!–who knew.

“I really value where I came from”.

She claims that she always flies home and will always value where she came from.

Kaitlyn says that Chris didn’t ask once about her tattoos—even after their night in the Fantasy Suite.

Ben is off to a good start because the Kaitlyn obviously liked being asked about her tats.

Kaitlyn is originally from a tiny town in Alberta, Canada called Leduc where she grew up with her parents, Leslie Hipkin and Mike Bristowe and her sister Haley Jane Bristowe.

Interestingly she confesses that she is terrified of birds and so is her mother.

The conversation prompts Ben to head to the polls to vote and he votes for Kaitlyn.

The 6’5″ software sales rep from Denver also has a tattoo.

Kaitlyn is engaged to Shawn Booth!!!

Who does Kaitlyn regret having sex with? 

Season 11 of The Bachelorette

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2 thoughts on “Kaitlyn Bristowe explains her tattoos”

  1. Kaitlyn’s tattoos are not doves. They are swallows. The swallow is a noble bird, with a rich history. It is a symbol of honor, faith, love, and hope. To sailors in olden days, it represented everything from luck to loyalty. It served as a reminder of family, friendship and honor.

    The swallow is also a symbol for returning home safely. Swallows cannot fly very far from land and so when a sailor at sea spotted a swallow he knew that land was near and he was close to home.

    Possessing a swallow tattoo used to be a sign of status among sailors. The meaning behind it was that swallows protected the sailors from harm on their journeys. It was a great comfort, as well as a status symbol to sailors out at sea.


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