Who does Kaitlyn Bristowe admit to having sex with?

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe is clearly a wild girl —- after all her opening line to Chris Soules was “you can plow my field any time” and I don’t think anyone expected her to be G-rated like Emily Maynard, but she really does take it to a whole new level this season!

The previews for the upcoming season show Kaitlyn crying and confessing that she let one relationship go too far as a naked contestant flees her hotel room. So who does Kaitlyn Bristowe admit to having sex with?

She says:

“One of those relationships went too far, too fast,” …… “It’s hard for me to admit it,” she tells the group. “But we had sex.”

Whoah! I am guessing the “sex” occurred before Fantasy Suites because FS sex is approved but pre-FS sex is not. And there is even a hot mic involved!!!

So spoiler alert. Stop now if you do not want to know the answer….

Kaitlyn has sex with walk-on contestant Nick Viall, 34 which explains why the guys are so horrified since Nick does not show up until episode 5. And I am guessing the incident occurs much sooner than it should in the process.

Apparently the two had been communicating via Twitter prior to Nick going on the show. In fact I remember Nick on Twitter confessing his attraction to Kaitlyn during Chris Soules’ season. According to Reality Steve they had also been engaging in A LOT of Face Time online.

Wow! Why does Nick always cause so much drama with his sex-capades? He must be good in bed I guess.

Interesting since there were reports that Nick and Kaitlyn were caught making out pretty early in the season.

Afterwards Kaitlyn keeps crying to the camera consumed by guilt…lamenting “does that make me a bad person?”

So clearly someone put a rose in her box and she regrets the impulsive decision. Here is the controversial clip.

I think the event seriously impacts the rest of the season since I have heard that several of the guys walk off and you can understand why.

I have to be honest, I am getting a little Borderline Personality vibe from Kaitlyn–like she turns it on and off — as in her feelings for guys—-and is pretty sexual too fast and then beats herself up over it. I get the impression that this is not the first time something like this has happened.

It sounds like the indiscretion occurred in Ireland, but I am not positive.

Well one thing is for sure…at least this will not be a G-rated season like some previous seasons!

I hope Nick at least makes it to the final rose ceremony and didn’t put out for nothing.

Nick will definitely be in the hot-seat once again!!

Kaitlyn was making out with Zack Kalter 3 weeks before she began filming The Bachelorette

Britt_nilsson_brady_datingSo while we are at it, do you want to know if Britt and Brady are still together?



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