More details on Nick Viall & Kaitlyn Bristowe’s relationship before the show

I suspected Nick Viall and Kaitlyn Bristowe did some conspiring behind the scenes before the show since they knew one another via social media and now there is a little bit more evidence to support that. A source at E! News is reporting “Kaitlyn and Nick initially started talking as friends. They had both been on the show and … Read more

Kaitlyn Bristowe on dating Nick Viall

Last Monday Nick Viall made a surprise appearance at Kaitlyn Bristowe’s rap battle date with a few other Bachelor Nation folks like Ashley I (who will be appearing on the 2015 season of BiP BTW). Yes Nick just “happened” to be there which is pretty funny considering The Bachelorette itinerary is supposedly top secret so … Read more

Why does Nick Viall return to The Bachelorette?

Nick Viall had his heart broken on season 10 of The Bachelorette by Andi Dorfman and he was not exactly beloved by fans of the show so why does he return to The Bachelorette on season 11 to do it all over again and pursue Kaitlyn Bristowe?  Well we know the two had a “friendship” … Read more

The Kaitlyn Bristowe Nick Viall situation

Per the previews for The Bachelorette 2015 season contestant—that’s right “contestant”, Nick Viall becomes a serious situation when he shows up later in the show. Interestingly Nick doesn’t first appear on the show until Episode 4 when Kaitlyn Bristowe and the guys head to New York City, but he doesn’t officially join the cast until episode 5. And the … Read more

Chris Harrison says Ireland is the ‘most dramatic date’ in 2015

Chris Harrison answered some questions about the upcoming season of The Bachelorette and he hinted at the geographical location of the epic ‘we had sex’ confession from Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe. When asked about the ‘most dramatic date’ he says: “Ireland, I can’t get too much into it because it’s further into the season but drama and … Read more

When did Kaitlyn Bristowe sleep with the contestant in the previews?


The biggest situation on Tuesday night’s season premier of The Bachelorette was the preview…..the shocking preview showed 30-year-old Kaitlyn Bristowe sitting down with her Bachelor suitors and telling them that she had sex with one of the contestants–cut to video of the outside of a hotel room and audio of the Bachelorette having sex with a guy–cut to Kaitlyn crying and … Read more

Were Nick Viall & Kaitlyn Bristowe dating before The Bachelorette?


Were Nick Viall & Kaitlyn Bristowe dating before The Bachelorette?….. There are a lot of firsts on this season of The Bachelorette and one of those “firsts” is the return of a runner up to pursue the lead. I’m sure you have heard by now that runner-up Nick Viall, 34 shows up during the season … Read more

Who does Kaitlyn Bristowe admit to having sex with?


Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe is clearly a wild girl —- after all her opening line to Chris Soules was “you can plow my field any time” and I don’t think anyone expected her to be G-rated like Emily Maynard, but she really does take it to a whole new level this season! The previews for the … Read more

Who is Bachelorette 2015 contestant Nick Viall?

ABC Bachelorette season 11 Updates: Who is Bachelorette 2015 contestant Nick Viall? No this is not about Bachelorette season 10 Andi Dorfman’s season, this is about right here, right now season 11 Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Britt Nilsson. 34-year-old Nick Viall rose to fame on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette as the runner-up and a … Read more

Nick Viall spotted making out with Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe in New York

So I guess it’s safe to say that Account executive Nick Viall and Bachelorette Andi Dorfman are not back together since new Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, was just spotted making out with the 34-year-old runner-up from Andi’s season. This is what Reality Steve had to say today: “Last night, I received word (and pictures) that Nick was … Read more