Could Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone get back together?

Needless to say …. this was the most dramatic season of A&E’s Married at First Sight. The Reunion Monday was shocking. Davina and Sean could barely stand to be in the same room together and their wedding photo kept crashing to the floor—–Jessica accuses her life partner Ryan of stealing from her and cheating on her–oh and BTW a day earlier she had filed a restraining order against him! So things are not starting off well.

The only couple to offer us a glimmer of hope was Jaclyn Methuen, 30 and Ryan Ranellone, 29 who developed what appeared to be a really solid connection after a rough start. But alas the two revealed that things are not going so great and they “were not together”.

Ryan admitted:

‘I am guilty of not making a tremendous effort in trying to make it work.’

Ryan gushed about how well Jaclyn got along with his mother and his niece Kayla, but unfortunately he did not get along well enough with her.

‘I would have made any sacrifice to be with you,’ Jaclyn tells Ryan. ‘I would have compromised. I would have split the time in Jersey and Long Island. I would have done anything to have made this relationship work.’

Kevin Frazier interjects that Jaclyn was ‘head over heels in love with you’.

Ironically Jaclyn almost walked off at the altar because she was “not attracted to him at all”, but producers convinced her to stay and she ended up falling for him after they consummated their marriage. But then Ryan started to pull away.

There were even allegations from a production insider that Ryan was cheating with an ex-girlfriend.

On the finale Ryan claimed that he wanted to work on their relationship but Jaclyn claims that he checked out of their relationship as soon as they stopped filming.

Jaclyn responded accusing Ryan of leading her on and saying,

‘You told me you didn’t have feelings for me, and it was over.’ You could see the experts were devastated because this was their last hope.

Dr Levkoff proclaims: ‘You were the last two people I thought this would ever happen to.’  

Ryan did say that Jaclyn ‘never truly expressed’ how upset she really was.

Photo Source: A&E

Ryan says, ‘When I watch this I smile inside, outside. I glow,’ and Jaclyn added ‘I know. I do too.’

He also proclaimed, ‘I never wanted Jaclyn out of my life,’ …. ‘I can answer this confidently I don’t want Jaclyn to slip out of my hands.’

Praise the Lord!!!! At least we have a friendship.

Host Kevin Frazier implores them to just get dinner and try again.

But last night Jaclyn revealed that “there was no dinner date” and she was at home alone watching. But don’t give up all hope. These two still at least “like” each other and there is no restraining order!

I am not ready to throw in the towel because Ryan is an Enneagram 6, the loyalist. And they are always out of touch with their own feelings. He was looking for cues from Jaclyn to develop feelings and when those cues didn’t come he shut down. Sixes need a lot of consistency and time to become vulnerable. So keep an eye on these two.

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