Kaitlyn Bristowe on her 1 on 1 with Ben Z, her fear of birds and her tattoos

Monday night Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe goes on a crazy 1 on 1 with 26-years-old contestant Ben Z. to some creepy warehouse in LA where she comes face to face with her fear of birds!—-that’s right—birds—note: when producers ask you about your biggest fear make something up like pizza.

Anyway the date brings the two a lot closer. It becomes more and more clear that Kaitlyn has a “type” and her type is big athletic guys so the 6′-3″, 250lb Austrian-born Football player Ben Z. is off to a good start.

On her People blog Kaitlyn weighed in on her 1 on 1 with Ben Z, her fear of birds and her tattoos

“Yes, it’s true. I am TERRIFIED of birds. Go ahead, laugh at me. Enjoy it. And yes, I do realize I have two birds tattooed on me. Truth is, I have been scared of birds since I was a little girl. I think it’s genetic because my mom shares this fear with me. And it’s not just the birds … it’s the flapping! Doesn’t anyone else out there feel the same way? Help me out here! I will repel down a building any day rather than go into a room with a bird in it. I should have known Chris Harrison would play like that!! I can’t wait to find out what his biggest fear is and put him through it!! Pay back hurts, buddy.”

I think Chris Harrison is smart enough to claim his biggest fear is hot tubs.

Kaitlyn continues:

“I have to admit, that escape room was creepy. I was lucky to be there with big man Ben Zed (see how I snuck that in there like a good Canadian?). A big guy with a big heart, he was so comforting, and I just hid behind him the whole time. I felt protected, and I thought we worked well together as a team! That’s such an important thing to have in a relationship.”

On the date Ben confides in Kaitlyn that his mother passed away when he was 14 years old from cancer and that he has not been able to cry since. Ben grew up in Virginia, but moved back to Berkeley after his senior year of high school and after his mom passed.

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