Kaitlyn Bristowe talks about why she had sex with Nick Viall in Ireland


Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was epic and unprecedented. It was the first time ABC had a lead having sex with a contestant pre-Fantasy Suite dates with a hot mic on. The hot mic was key. It is certainly not the first time we have heard about some pre Fantasy Suite sexy time happening. This is the first time contestants were caught in the act with some incriminating evidence.

Needless-to-say 30-year-old Kaitlyn Bristowe is mortified to learn that she has been caught and will have to explain the event to her other suitors especially to Shawn B who has already been told that he “is the one”.

This situation is big for many reasons. It is not just a girl having some fun. It’s a girl who has told other suitors different and conflicting things. So with no further ado, this is how Kaitlyn explains the situation in her People blog:

“This is when I should just dive into the Nick date. Something people will never understand is how challenging it is to be The Bachelorette…….

kaitlyn-cry“First of all, I am not perfect, and I’m not afraid to say that. But, as the Bachelorette, you have to juggle multiple relationships at once, and you feel responsible for so many people’s feelings and emotions, all the while trying to sort your emotions and feelings and trying to find your guy. Not to date, but to possibly marry! You HAVE TO compartmentalize relationships; it’s the only way to get through it. ”

“Some relationships move faster than others. Some are more physical….. There is NO CHANCE you can go through this and not make some mistakes.Okay, Nick. Let’s just get into it. Taking a relationship to an intimate level is very private to me. And that is why this is difficult as the Bachelorette. Nothing is private. Should I have had sex with Nick in that moment? Probably not my best idea, but intimacy is important to me and I don’t believe the act is wrong. I got lost in the moment and maybe I shouldn’t have made that choice. Hindsight is 20/20. I can’t help but wonder if I waited a couple weeks and did that in the fantasy suite and didn’t talk about it, would I be getting this kind of backlash?”

“I had other relationships, and I did feel guilt for that reason – because I cared about the other relationships I had. I can never make everyone happy at all times, and that includes myself. This is hard and it’s hard to relive. I hope you can understand and appreciate my honesty. ”

Well I certainly do not have any issue with her having sex with any of her suitors whenever she wants, but I think the backlash is coming not because of the sexual indiscretions, but because of what she told the other guys. The rules are very strict about the lead letting anyone know “they are the one”.

You are not even allowed to tell your chosen life partner “I love you” until the final rose ceremony otherwise the show would be a bust so the fact that she told Shawn it was him and there was no one else who even had a chance and then had some impromptu sex with walk-on Nick Viall is where she is getting herself in to trouble.

Photo Source: ABC

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