Sean Varricchio and Davina Kullar talk sex, lies and being fake on the Reunion

On Monday’s reunion episode of A&E’s reality series Married at First Sight the three couples reunited 6 months after their on-screen weddings.  For one of the couples it was the first time they had seen one another since the show wrapped. That couple was 35-year-old Trauma nurse Sean Varricchio and 34-year-old biopharmaceutical sales rep Davina Kullar. Ironically … Read more

Sean Varricchio: nice guy or narcissist, sociopath, pathological liar?

Sean Varricchio: nice guy or narcissist, sociopath, pathological liar? Sean Varricchio and Davina Kuller were the first couple to call it quits last night and I think it was pretty obvious that this relationship was tanking in the last few weeks of the Married at First Sight experiment. In fact Sean and Davina were the … Read more

Sean Varricchio: details on his ex-girlfriend and the miscarriage

Sean Varricchio and Davina Kuller decided to call it quits on the finale of season 2’s Married at First Sight last night. Things had been rocky for a while for the couple of 6 weeks and there were some clues that the 35-year-old trauma nurse may not have been ready for a lifetime commitment—and that … Read more

Sean Varricchio ‘Married at First Sight’ 2015: Bio, Photos, Twitter

Sean Varricchio ‘Married at First Sight’ 2015: Bio Name: Sean Varricchio Age: 35 Hometown: Jackson, New Jersey Occupation: Trauma nurse, Capital Health System New Jersey Birthdate: 12/08/1979 Height: 5’10” Weight: 175 lbs Hair Color: brown Eye Color: blue Arrest record: DUI in 2013 in Sarasota Florida Twitter: SVnjMAFS Sean was bullied growing up — because of his geeky looks. … Read more

Sean Varricchio ‘Married at First Sight’ arrest record and mugshot

So ‘Married at First Sight’ season 2 just premiered and we already have our first scandal. I discovered that handsome 35-year-old trauma nurse, Sean Varricchio from New Jersey actually has an arrest record! I saw that someone with his name had a DUI in Sarasota County, Florida and naturally I said..ok well no way that’s him since … Read more