Did Kaitlyn Bristowe engage in pre-Fantasy Suite sex with with Shawn Booth too?

Contestant Shawn Booth has a total meltdown in Ireland after Kaitlyn has a sleepover with Nick Viall and after she then chooses Jared Haibon for a one on one. Off camera/on camera Shawn reveals to producers that Kaitlyn has already told him he is “the one”, but is that all that has happened? — or did they exchange more than just ‘words’?

Kaitlyn has a very cryptic conversation with Shawn Booth. She says “that one night what I did I shouldn’t have done”….We assume she just means telling him he is “the one”, but I am pretty sure — in fact all but certain that she had sex with Shawn in San Antonio, Texas because of the insider report in InTouch which claims that producers brought Nick on because she was too focused on one guy—one guy that she had already had sex with when Nick showed up.

“She told [one guy] that she loves him and then they slept together during their one-on-one date.”

“[The second guy] slept with her in one of the hotel rooms,” according to the source.

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So obviously the first guy is before Nick since Nick is “hotel room” guy and it was after a one-on-one. And one and one and one is three—it doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out. The first guy was Shawn Booth in San Antonio which explains why he is freaking out a bit. She told him she loved him there.

So I contend her convo with Shawn is loaded with subtext. She is feeling guilty because she already had sex with Shawn and she knows Shawn is gonna find out about Nick. So Kaitlyn is in damage control and tells Shawn he “scared her by freaking out” aka ‘I need you to think this is why I slept with Nick otherwise I’m going to be in big trouble when you find out.’

Kaitlyn goes on to say:

“I feel like Ive been unfair to you and myself and everyone else by the things that I’ve done”….”things” = sex with you and Nick.

Shawn looks totally confused.

She tells him “we kinda need to take a step back.”

In her ITM, Kaitlyn said: “There are still things he doesn’t know, and I don’t want to make anything harder on him, and I don’t want to hurt him, but, at the same time, obviously there are other relationships that are still on my mind,” aka ‘I had sex with him first, then Nick 2 weeks later and it’s all on tape.’

Why do you think the very professional and non-judgmental situation-handler Chris Harrison says “we have to level the playing field”? Because producers are freaking out.

I think Kaitlyn is just juggling way too many balls and balls are flying everywhere and she can not keep them all in the air. She knows “her actions are not matching her words”, and she is panicked.

Season 11 of The Bachelorette

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Photo Source: ABC

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